Month: December 2022

2022 employee wellness summary - most popular engagement events

2022 – Our employee wellness programme summary

2022 Employee Wellness Summary Our most popular team engagement events Wellness webinars / workshops and team sports events happen to be our most popular employee wellness activities in 2022. 1 hour webinar for our client companies who are abroad or whose employees are still working from home is a popular option. We also did quite…
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kids running sports age

At what age can we start sports for my kid

At what age can we start sports training for my kid We get asked this question a lot from parents who want to get their kids started with some sport. Well, the answer depends on the type of sport, really. So, let  us see some type of sports with the minimum age for children Skating…
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skating tournament decathlon hosur road

Skating tournament postponed to 14th Jan

Due to scheduled maintenance work to the skating rink at Decathlon Hosur Rd, the tournament is being postponed to the 2nd Sat, 14th Jan 2023. Sorry for the long wait, which is also inevitable due to the upcoming holiday season. Keep practising and we shall meet again soon in the new year! Register for the event on…
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inline skates vs quad skates skating shoes type

What skates should I buy

Inline vs Quads skates: Which skates to buy Are you new to skating and figuring out which skate is ideal for first time skaters? Do you hear a lot about inline skates vs quad skates and do not know which one is right for you? Let’s try to answer these questions here. First the basics What…
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