Self Improvement and Personality Development Training

CoachDirect offers self improvement and personality development training programmes to train and mentor your future stars to glorious careers. Life skills inculcate positive behavior and enable one to deal with the challenges of modern day careers.  CoachDirect provides group training at your campus to unleash the true potential within and to help your students succeed in their professional lives.

Our Self-improvement and Personality development programmes include:
Leadership Skills
Time Management
Self Confidence
Public Speaking
Values and Beliefs
Decision Making
Conflict Management
Team building
Sports mindset
Emotional Intelligence
Negotiation Skills
Personal Interview and Group Discussions
Corporate Culture & Etiquette
Promote your personal brand
We offer a full fledged MindAdvantage program with a total of 24 sessions,
which is done as an 8 or 12 week course to give your students the real advantage over others,
by embedding the most essential behavioural and life skills necessary to succeed in their careers.
Email to contact@coachdirect.in for full details.