Frequently Asked Questions

How are the life coaching sessions delivered?

The coaching sessions will be done through an internet video call. You are expected to have a good internet connection through your smartphone or laptop. CoachDirect team shall call you at the scheduled time and connect you with the Life Coach you have booked your session with.

Is the data and the information that I share to the coach kept confidential?

Absolutely. Any information you share will be kept completely confidential within the system and will never be shared to any third party. Only the coach assigned to you will have access to the data and no one else. Be rest assured that the coach will always treat you with the respect that you deserve and will never be judgemental.

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Both coaching and counseling therapy ask you a number of questions to help you do your soul-searching and to be able to guide you to your solutions. However, unlike therapy, coaching does not emphasize on the past experiences but rather focuses the energy on being solution oriented and developing actions to achieve your future goals. Some of our coaches are also trained counselors.

What exactly happens during the coaching session?

During the initial session you shall establish your general life goals that you want to achieve. In addition for each session, you shall agree with your coach on what specific goals you can achieve for each session. The coach will work with you to elicit various options to achieve that goal. You will commit to one of the options which is feasible for you which will get you one step closer to your general life goals!

If I am able to list out my actions to achieve success, then what is the exact benefit of coaching to me?

Many people are stuck in their old habits and old ways that it becomes very difficult to actually grow and succeed. This is where coaching helps where an experienced coach will make you accountable to your actions, discover your hidden limiting beliefs, break your beliefs, push you to change your old habits, reiterate the underlying principles for success, show you a different perspective, explore options you have not considered before,  etc.. to make the success process easier and faster for you!

How many sessions do I need to achieve my desired goal?

There is no fixed formula, it largely depends on the goal and on you! If you are fully committed to change yourself and diligently complete your actions, you may be able to see your desired result in only one session. On the other hand if the desired outcome requires significant time and effort, then you might expect a handful of sessions.

What is the guarantee that after spending so many sessions I will be able to achieve my goals?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. The reason being that no one can change you and your life but you! A Life Coach can only guide you and hold you accountable to the actions that you have committed. But no one, but yourself, can actually make you take those actions and master your own destiny.


How can I take a package of, say 6 sessions, instead of booking each session? Can I get some discount on a package?

Sure, please contact us on contact@coachdirect.in for package options so you can book once for a recurring series of sessions. It is more convenient and also saves time and money. We can have a weekly or fortnightly schedule pre-booked for you and can even offer a bulk discount based on number of sessions you book.