Employee Wellness Program –GLOW

Gift your employees something that they will truly cherish. All their hard work and personal sacrifices that they make should not be left unnoticed. It is time to give back what they truly deserve…
Your employees deserve to Glow!

What makes us Glow ?

Truly flexible & affordable : Starting as low as 999 per month
*Quality of coaches : Certified & experienced coaches

Holistic wellness solutions : Physical, mental & emotional wellness

Online / Onsite options : 100% customizable programs

Executive reporting : Monthly / weekly utilization reports


Reach Glow

CoachDirect partners with your company to ensure we identify what truly works for your organisation. We do not want to offer all the unnecessary and underutilized services for which the company ends up paying loads of money. We want to be lean and efficient and truly add value, just like your company.

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Body Glow

Our BodyGlow services encourage your staff toward physical wellness. Being fit and healthy and to be up, energetic and agile when the need arises is the key to success at workplace.

Choose from

  • Personal Fitness : HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Core
  • Dietician / Nutritionist : Group coaching or 1:1 consultations
  • Dance based fitness : Zumba, Aerobics, Freestyle, Hip-hop
  • Virtual fitness challenges : Virtual Runs, Walkathons, Steps
  • Self defense fitness: MMA, Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate
  • Sports Events : Tournaments, Marathons & Camps
  • Sports Coaching : Football, Badminton, Cricket, etc..

Mind Glow

Our MindGlow services include mental wellness tools that will greatly benefit your employees to stay calm and focussed. Taking care of your employees’ mental and emotional health is the key to success at workplace

Choose from

  • Yoga / Meditation : Asanas, Breathing, Meditation
  • Counselling services : Confidential 1:1 with psychologists
  • Webinars / Workshops : Physical, mental & emotional wellness
  • Coaching services : Wellness coaching for specific objectives

Our Wellness Webinars & Workshop Programmes below

Health Work Balance

HEALTH WORK BALANCE: How to maintain a healthy balance
1. Physical Activity
2. Healthy Alternatives
3. Diet & Nutrition
4. Weight Management
5. Calorie Needs & Calorie Burnt
Duration: Half a day workshop
1. Participants will takeaway essential and practical health tips as suggested by WHO. 5 healthy habits to increase 10 years to ones lifetime
2. Takeaway references on BMI, Calorie charts, Food Nutrients
3. Increased general health and reduction in sick leaves

Holistic Stress Management



  1. Stress and its negative effects
  2. Identification of stress
  3. Generic strategy to manage stress
  4. Cognitive techniques
  5. Relaxation techniques
  6. Physical Exercise
Duration: Half day workshop
1. Participants will takeaway set of tools and techniques that they can readily use to reduce stress.
2. Stress test to gauge current stress levels and immediate relaxation techniques
3. Increased emotional health and reduction in lifestyle diseases

How to thrive while working from home

1. Self care tips when working from home
2. Managing Home
3. Managing Work
4. Managing Self
Duration: Half a day workshop
1. Participants will takeaway essential and practical self care tips 
2. Increased holistic health and productivity

Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run: Couch to 5K jogging programme
1. Running gear and warm-ups
2. Interval running with brisk walking
3. Knee and other injury prevention
4. Stretching and after-run care
5. Increasing endurance
Duration: 3 weeks (3 guided sessions and 6 self experiential training)
1. All participants complete 5K jogging circuit
2. Increase self-esteem and confidence
3. Weight loss and general health improvement

Exercise & Diet Sutra

Exercise & Diet Sutra: A primer
1. Different types of exercise
2. Planning an exercise regime
3. FITT model
4. Calories Burnt and Calorie Needs
5. Food and its nutrients
Duration: Half day workshop
1. All participants choose an exercise regime as per their body type
2. All participants choose diet regime as per their body type
3. Increased health, fitness and reduced sick leaves

Successful Parent- Be a friend to your child

Successful Parent and Friend to your Child

  1. Creating the right environment for your child
  2. How to communicate and be a friend to your child
  3. Influence of family circle – Dos and Donts
  4. How to reduce screen time and make lifelong memories
  5. How to raise an independent and responsible child – Dos and Donts

Duration: Half day workshop

1. All participants learn better techniques to connect with their children
2. All participants takeaway good parenting practice sheets
3. All participants to learn from case studies of successful parents to clarify their specific parenting issues

YOGA for modern Yodhas

YOGA for modern Yodhas: Practical Yoga for working professionals
1. Asanas (Physical postures)
2. Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
3. Positive lifestyle through yoga
4. Yoga at work
Duration: Half day workshop to regular class options
1. Increased muscle flexibility and strength
2. Improved overall health and well-being (physical , mental and emotional)
3. Effective in stress management and relaxation
your employees:
4. Increased general health and reduction in sick leaves

MINDFULNESS MANTRA: Meditation and practical mindfulness

Mindfulness Mantra

1. What is Mindfulness
2. Simple Daily Practices
3. Meditation and tools
4. STOP technique
5. Mindfulness for Stress, Pain, Anger situations


Duration: Half day workshop
1. All participants learn simple every day techniques
2. All participants learn simple meditation techniques
3. All participants practice effective techniques to deal with stress, anger, pain
Mindfulness Mantra: simple techniques rating

Health & Work Balance

 Also offering the below employee engagement and workplace wellness programmes,pls contact us
1.Happiness at work:Creating positive workplace culture
2. Mind your Emotions: Emotional Resilience
3. Sports Mindset: Applying sports mental skills at work
4. Emotions with Art: Understanding emotions through art
5. Anger Management
6. Breaking Habits
7: The Real Me transformation