Gentle Holistic Recovery Program –REVIVE

Pure medication itself is not very effective in cases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, cancer and post covid related conditions. The best way to manage or reverse lifestyle diseases is through a lifestyle change.

Join us to REVIVE your health and wellness.



The most effective Type2 diabetic management is through a lifestyle change employing:
1. Weight loss therapy
2. Low calorie diet for weight control
3. Increased physical activity
4. Frequent monitoring of weight, diet, exercise
5. Behavior change to reinforce healthy habits


Top things to do to control high blood pressure:
1. Lose extra weight (1 kg = 1mm Hg)
2. Regular exercise (30min a day = 5 to 8 mm Hg)
3. Eat healthy diet with low sodium (up to 11 mm Hg)
4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake
5. Reduce stress & practice meditation / peacefulness

heart coronary disease

Heart Disease

Top things to do to recover from heart disease:
1. Exercise regularly
2. Follow nutritious plant based diet
3. Practice meditation & peacefulness
4. Keep check of health stats (BP, Cholesterol, Insulin,..)
5. Get 7-8hrs of restful sleep

obesity icon


Some reaons why people suffer from obesity particularly due to lifestyle factors:
1. Unhealthy diet
2. Sedentary lifestyle
3. Consumption of liquid calories
4. Family influences & inheritance
5. Stress & lack of sleep

long covid

Post Covid

Holistic wellness helps in faster recovery of post covid symptoms such as:
1. Fatigue and loss of stamina
2. Body pains and muscle stiffness
3. Dyspnea and reduction of lung capacity
4. Loss of appetite and digestion
5. Depression and emotionally stressed

gentle holistic recovery program

We help you in your lifestyle change

Yoga & Meditation

Diet & Nutrition

Mental Health

Physical Fitness

yoga meditation
psychologist counselling
physical fitness

100% Virtual

Safe & convenient. Practice from the comfort of your own home

certified professionals

Designed and delivered by experienced healthcare pros

flexible options

Choose your package to suit your preferences

monthly reviews

To ensure you are making progress in your recovery

Choose the right plan

You can choose what works best for you

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Per month

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Frequently asked questions

Please get an approval from  your doctor that you are able to take up light physical exercise and counselling to help you in your recovery. You can book a FREE discovery session with us to choose the best plan that works for you and get registered.

You will be assigned a wellness coach who will do 1:1 counselling to provide you with a custom diet and fitness plan. The wellness coach be available on whatsapp to answer your queries and to ensure you are progressing in your wellness journey.  

The REVIVE  program  does not replace the diagnosis and treatment that the patients are already undertaking, and it is only meant to be supplementary in nature. The core concept is to promote a holistic and faster recovery from your condition.

The group sessions are pre-scheduled to suit the participants. For eg. Yoga every Mon & Wed 5 to 5:30pm.

The 1:1 individual sessions need to be pre-booked by the client based on mutual availability of the client / coach.

Both the group and individual 1:1 sessions are 30 mins each

We understand that you are slowly trying to recover; and we totally follow a gentle routine. However, if you still feel you need to slow down during the session, you can pause and resume when you feel ready.

We shall be very happy to provide you with customized options. Pls drop your requirements to contact@coachdirect.in and we shall get back promptly.

Yes we have 3  and 6 month packages at a discounted rate that you can avail. Please reach out to us

Yes you have Whatsapp message support with our wellness coach for clarifications, regular checkins and motivation to ensure you are on track to recovery

Any other questions, please email us on contact@coachdirect.in

Our expert TEAM

20+ years of medical experience | International experience in sports injuries & Orthopedics | Professor & Ex-Vice President (Sports) in a reputed medical college | Ex-deputy Superintendent at a corporate super specialty hospital
Dr Ravi Raju
Dr Ravi kumar Raju M
Chief Wellness Advisor
15+ years of experience in Diabetes management, PCOD, weight management & other lifestyle disorders | Expert speaker in various industry forums | Trained 2000+ counsellors in diet & nutrition
amrutha dietitian nutritionist
ms amrutha gowri
Dietitian Advisor
Post Grad in Nutrition & Dietetics (Vellore) | BSc (Food Sciences)
7+ years of health and wellness experience across fitness centers | Proven track record in achieving clients' fitness goals thru customized exercise programs and diet plans | Weight-loss training expert
fitness trainer
Mr Anbarasan d
Fitness Advisor
Certified Personal Trainer, Special population & Female fitness
13+ years experience as a mental health counsellor and psychologist | Expert in dealing with stress, anxiety & depression | Remedial instructor for children with specific learning disabilities
counselling psychologist
MS Kalaiamutha Navaratnarajah
Counselling Psychologist Advisor
MPhil Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology, PhD (pursuing)

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