Social & Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning for Kids starts Sun  Feb 7

Do you have kids from 7 yrs to 15 yrs 👩‍👦
Cultivate life skills in kids through  6 day Social Emotional Learning whatsapp workshop. Imbibe core values and enjoy the best moments of your life as they grow 😎😎
 Benefits of Social Emotional Learning Workshop :
 *Decision making
 *Positive Relationships
 *Self Management
 *Social Management
 *Scoring good marks in academic

Day 1🏚️: Self Awareness
Day 2🎭: Understanding of emotions
Day 3: Empathy
Day 4🧎‍♀️: Mindfulness
Day 5🙏: Gratitude
Day 6 🥉: Growth Mindset
6 day whatsapp workshop – Sun Feb 7 onwards with daily live session from 6pm to 7pm IST